Rain falls on the ridges of
Osuzu Mountain quietly, like mist.
It soaks the forest,
saturating the soil,
permeating deeply into the earth.
Water resurfaces as a spring
to become the finest liquor
through nature’s law and
the craft of human hands.

In the deep forest,
where the fresh water springs:
this is where our liquor is made.
Osuzuyama Distillery

  • Osuzuyama Distillery

    With Mankichi Mountain on the north and Mount Yahazu and Mount Kurodake on the south, the Osuzu Mountain massif is one of Miyazaki prefecture’s prominent mountain regions. Its main ridge is Osuzu Mountain, which reaches an altitude of 1405.2 meters. With an annual rainfall of 3,000 milliliters, this region is known for its ample waters that flow through approximately thirty different waterfalls, including Yatogi Waterfall. Following the universal rule in liquor making — everything begins with water — we arrived at Osuzu Mountain in search of pristine water. In 1998, Osuzuyama Distillery opened as a branch of Kuroki Honten. Surrounded by a forest of deciduous trees, such as beech, maple, and Japanese oak, the chirping of the birds and murmur of the pristine brook echo throughout our environment. Here, human craft and nature are united in our distillation process. This is the only place it can be made. This is the only place it will be made. This is the spirit of our craft at Osuzuyama Distillery.

  • Water

    Osuzu Mountain experiences 3,000 milliliters of rain per year. As rain falls on the forests of Osuzu Mountain, water permeates the ground, picking up minerals as it filters through many layers of soil. Water that has been filtered and purified on Osuzu Mountain is soft and can be enjoyed as a smooth, delicious drink. At Osuzuyama Distillery, we draw water close to the source, in the upper streams, and use it for preparation and all of our distilled liquor-making processes.

  • Wood

    One of the key features of wood is that it controls the humidity of the atmosphere. At Osuzuyama Distillery, we take advantage of this quality by using wood in our koji-making cellars and in the barrels used for moromi mash. Obi-sugi, a type of cedar tree from Miyazaki prefecture that has been used in ships since the Edo period, is known for its exceptional durability and pliability. Using obi-sugi for our deep barrels enables us to create an ideal and active environment for the microbes in the moromi.

  • Ingredients

    All ingredients at Osuzuyama Distillery are sourced locally from the Kyushu region, including from our own farm, Yomigaeru Daichi no Kai. Growing and harvesting our own ingredients enables us to thoroughly analyze their qualities and extract the best parts. At Osuzuyama Distillery, liquor making is a craft in which humans and the earth collaborate.